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Clinical research demands an innovative and efficient approach to data collection and management. As an organization founded by academics, Expiwell understands the importance of having a powerful and accessible tool that addresses the challenges associated with data collection, privacy, and analysis.
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Optimize your compliance and e-discovery outcomes

Expiwell makes it easier to control risky content that is disseminated across a variety of communication platforms. By effectively utilising your existing infrastructure, our platform collects all business-related data and quickly identifies compliance concerns for your convenience.

Comprehensive Data Management and Analysis Solution

  • Effortlessly gather and securely store multimedia data, facilitating real-time analysis and insights.
  • Perform quick, real-time assessments to monitor andanalyze changes and trends as they evolve over time.
  • Efficiently store and manage data, ensuring it's readilyavailable for use in research publications and grantproposals.
  • Organize and oversee data storage, ensuring accessibilityfor research publications and grant proposals.
  • Reduce repetitive and tedious administrativeduties.
  • Simplify onboarding and data collection for allage groups.
  • Efficiently manage unlimited projects withrobust security.
  • Accelerate and enhance data collection througha mobile experience sampling app.

Successful Research Result with ExpiWell: Real-Life Examples

ExpiWell takes great pride in its role in supporting academic and clinical researchers across a diverse range of research projects. Our enthusiasm lies in highlighting the extensive spectrum of research endeavors that have leveraged the capabilities of ExpiWell for their data collection and analysis needs.
Diverse Research

Diverse Research Projects

ExpiWell has been an instrumental partner for researchers in both academic and clinical settings. Our platform has been employed in projects spanning a multitude of disciplines.
Tailored Soultions

Tailored Solutions

We are aware that every research project is different and has its own set of requirements and goals. ExpiWell is made to provide specialised solutions to address the unique requirements of various projects.
Empowering Research

Empowering Researchers

We are dedicated to assisting researchers in more ways than merely providing them with tools. By streamlining complicated procedures, we hope to empower researchers.
Quality Data

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ExpiWell routinely provides high-quality data for all of these various projects. Our technology guarantees that researchers may gather accurate data that serves as the basis for significant research outcomes.

EMA-Enabled Health Behavior Research Platform

Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) is a research method used in health behavior research to gather real-time and in-the-moment data on various phenomena, such as thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or experiences, as they naturally occur in people's everyday lives. This approach is particularly valuable because it allows researchers to study these phenomena within the context of individuals' daily routines and natural environments.
EMA Platform

Real-Time Assessment

EMA involves collecting data from individuals at multiple points throughout the day, often using electronic devices like smartphones or wearable sensors. Participants are prompted to report on their experiences or behaviors as they happen, rather than relying on retrospective or recall-based reports.

Repeated Assessments

EMA typically requires participants to provide multiple assessments over a specified period, which can range from days to weeks. This repeated data collection helps capture fluctuations and patterns in the phenomena being studied.

Naturalistic Settings

EMA studies are conducted in real-life, naturalistic settings. This means that participants go about their daily activities without significant disruption, providing a more accurate reflection of their behaviors and experiences compared to traditional lab-based research.

Health Behavior Research

EMA is often used in health behavior research to investigate a wide range of health-related behaviors. These behaviors can include physical activity, dietary choices, substance use (like alcohol or tobacco), medication adherence, and preventive health practices (such as safe sex or vaccination).

Key Benefits of EMA

  • Create a bullet-point list with icons or illustrations
  • Real-time insights into behaviors.
  • Study within-person and between-person processes.
  • Naturalistic settings for accurate data.
minimize Repetitive

Minimize Repetitive Tasks and Maximize Efficiency

ExpiWell streamlines data administration and collecting while saving you time with its user-friendly interface and automated procedures. Allow ExpiWell to manage participant notifications while you schedule surveys and reminders at your convenience. Our support staff is available to help you right now.

  • Capture from Microsoft 365, Google, Bloomberg, Salesforce,ServiceNow, and more
  • Avoid the additional burden and complexity of runningtwo archives in parallel
  • Minimize risk by archiving to existing infrastructure insteadof relying on a third party

Automating Incentives and Simplifying Survey Participation

Automated Incentive delivery

By automating the delivery of incentives, ExpiWell streamlines this procedure. This eliminates the need for you to manage the logistics of making sure survey participants receive their incentives manually. The technology handles it for you, saving you precious time and lightening the load on your research assistants. With ExpiWell, you can be sure that participants will get their rewards on time, increasing their satisfaction and desire to take part in more studies.

Successful Research Result with ExpiWell: Real-Life Examples

Utilizing ExpiWell, a recent study demonstrated notable enhancement in patient medication adherence. Real-time data enabled timely interventions, resulting in improved health outcomes. This success underscores ExpiWell's potential to transform patient care and outcomes through its innovative research platform.
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Protocol for a Systematic Review of Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) Studies Investigating Five Public Health-Related Behaviors

Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA): EMA is a research strategy that involves observing people as they go about their daily lives to obtain information in real-time regarding a range of phenomena, including thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. EMA collects data repeatedly and frequently in the natural settings where these occurrences occur as opposed to relying on retrospective reports or periodic assessments. This method provides insights into the temporal and contextual dynamics of these events.

Study Objective: The primary aim of this systematic review is to examine and synthesize the findings of EMA studies that investigate health-related behaviors. These behaviors are significant for public health and can have a substantial impact on individuals' well-being.

The review is primarily concerned with EMA investigations carried out in adult, non-clinical populations. This indicates that participants in the study are not actual patients being treated in a clinical setting.
Protocol Sysytem

Protocol for a remote home-based upper extremity self-training program for community-dwelling individuals after stroke

Objective: The primary goal of this protocol is to establish a systematic and remote training program designed to help individuals recovering from a stroke improve their upper extremity function. After a stroke, many individuals experience mobility and dexterity issues in their arms and hands, which can impact their daily lives. This program aims to provide them with the tools and exercises necessary to regain function and independence.

The programme is designed for people who have had a stroke and are now residing in their communities. Although these patients are often over the acute stage of stroke care, they may still need support and rehabilitation to advance their recovery

Remote and Home-Based: The main characteristic of this programme is that it is run remotely and in the participants' homes. As a result, people can obtain support and training without having to frequently visit medical institutions. Such remote training programmes are becoming more and more crucial, particularly in circumstances where in-person interactions may be restricted, like during a pandemic.

Recovery and Support: The protocol may also contain components of psychological support, education, and motivation in addition to physical activities to make sure that participants remain dedicated to their recovery efforts.In conclusion, this protocol outlines a thorough and organised strategy for a remote, at-home upper extremity self-training programme. Its main objective is to assist stroke survivors who live in the community in regaining independence and everyday function. This strategy is intended to facilitate post-stroke recovery and is practical, available, and efficient

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