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8 time-saving features for your research

1. Collect real-time, real-world data on a platform optimized for experience sampling.

Send questions via push notifications on the ExpiWell mobile app. Select from 11 question types, including 3 multimedia options such as video, audio, and image data.
ExpiWell survey question options from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree

2. Send participants or employees rewards directly via the ExpiWell mobile app.

Reward and motivate your research participants or employees using ExpiWell's Demography payment feature. This participant compensation tool allows you to send Amazon e-gift cards directly via the mobile app.

3. Choose how and when to contact participants.

Choose from multiple scheduling options to decide how and when you want to send your questions.

Calendar schedule: Researchers interested in the effect of New Year’s celebrations or New Year’s resolutions can send questions to all participants beginning on January 1.  

Rolling schedule: Collect 2 weeks' worth of data from participants regardless of when they start the project.

Fixed or randomized notifications: Researchers can also choose when and how to notify participants to respond to questions.

Custom participant schedules: Provide participants the option to customize exactly when they receive question notifications and when to respond.
ExpiWell scheduler randomized notification option
ExpiWell scheduler setting time windows
ExpiWell's three diferent schedule types: Calendar, Rolling, and Static
4. Communicate and engage with participants in real-time.

Close the feedback loop. Create your own digital community by adding real-time communication and engagement to your projects.

5. Generate real-world, in-the-moment data via our mobile app.

The ExpiWell app (available on iOS and Android) makes it easy for participants to respond in real time. Participants can receive notifications and respond even without WiFi or a cellular connection; once they reconnect, their responses are uploaded.
6. Assign different user roles for colleagues and collaborators.

Choose from up to 5 different user roles for your team, research lab members, and collaborators.
7. Streamline data collection with advanced tools.

Once a project is activated, simple yet powerful project management tools reduce data collection stress.
Enter an experience access code to start taking surveys screenshot
ExpiWell mobile app project view

8. Make it easy for participants to join your project.

Flexible options are available to invite participants, and the simple sign-up process makes it easy for participants to join a project.
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