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Collect real-time, real-world data on a platform optimized for experience sampling.

Send questions via push notifications on the ExpiWell mobile app. Select from 11 question types, including 3 multimedia options – such as, video, audio, and image data. Implement skip logic to tailor the individual’s unique experience based on previous responses.

Send participants or employees rewards directly via the ExpiWell mobile app.

Reward and motivate your research participants or employees using ExpiWell's Demography payment feature. You can now send Amazon e-giftcards directly via the mobile app.

Simply go to your account profile, load the total amount you want to incentivize, and choose when and who you would like to send incentives too. And that's it!
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Respond to, communicate, and engage with participants in real-time.

Close the feedback loop. Create your own digital community by adding real-time communication and engagement to your projects.

Community feed: Post, view, like, comment, and engage with posts from others in your community.

ExpiWell messenger: Start real-time group chats with participants and colleagues. Send instant messages and have one on one conversations.

Content resources: Share important content, guides, tutorials and other helpful resources related to your community.

Get real-world, in the moment data with the ExpiWell mobile app.

To join a project, participants simply need to download the ExpiWell app, enter the custom access code for your project, and start to receive notifications of available questions.  

View previous responses: Researchers interested in diary formats or other interventions, can also enable participants to view their previous responses to show changes in moods, thoughts, or behaviors, for example.

Create mobile charts
: You can even create mobile charts for select questions and participants can track their own growth.

ExpiWell's free mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

Assign different user roles for colleagues and collaborators.

Choose from up 5 different user roles for your team, research lab members, and collaborators.

User roles include Owner, Moderator, Administrator, Analyst, and Community member. Reach out to learn more about each!

Streamline data collection with advanced project and participant management tools.

Once a project is activated, simple yet powerful project management tools cuts the stress out of data collection. 

Participant tracking and messages: Track participants response rates and progress for all active projects in real-time. You can even message individual participants and groups to encourage continued participation.

Visualize response data in real-time: View participants’ responses in real-time without having to download data outputs over and over again.

Single dataset
: Data is linked to the participant uniquely, so you only have to download one single dataset with your participants and responses – no more multiple spreadsheets and datasets. Choose how you download the data (CSV, TSV, or XML) for a seamless transition into other software programs.

Make it easier for participants to join your project.

Flexible options to invite participants and the simple sign-up process makes it easy on participants in joining a project. 

Invite via access code: Researchers can invite participants with a custom “invite only” access code.

Invite via .CSV importResearchers can also invite participants by importing email addresses from a .CSV file. 

Invite via web link: Invitations can also be sent via a separate email hosted on the ExpiWell distribution page.  

After you have created your questions, set the schedule, and invited participants, all that’s left is to activate!

Pick how and when to send questions to your participants.

Pick from multiple scheduling options and decide how and when you want to send your questions.

Calendar schedule: For example, researchers interested in the effect of New Year’s celebrations or New Year’s resolutions can choose the Calendar schedule to send questions to all participants beginning on January 1st.  

Rolling schedule: Or researchers can instead use the Rolling schedule and collect 2 weeks' worth of data from participants regardless of when they start the project.  

Fixed or randomized notifications: Researchers can also choose when and how to notify participants to respond to questions. For instance, you can have a notification sent exactly at 8am for an available window of 8am – 10am or randomize the notification to be sent at some point within that time window. 

Custom participant schedules: Provide participants the option to customize exactly when they receive question notifications and when to respond. For example, a study on morning routines can allow a night shift nurse to customize to their own individual “morning” schedule.

Increase your reach with offline data collection.

Participants can receive question notifications and respond to questions without WiFi or cellular connection. Once participants are able to connect, their responses are uploaded and readily available.
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