Academic Research

Answer research questions previously out of reach.
Experience sampling research is no longer the sole benefit of elite research institutions. ExpiWell has democratized access to ESM–for all. Compete for top-tier journal publications and funding from national foundations, regardless if you’re at an R1 institution or a small, liberal arts college.

Student Experience

Identify key moments in the student experience.
Get a real-time understanding of the student experience. For instance, tap into fluctuating mood data to identify key opportunities in student life that can decrease student stress and improve overall academic persistence.

Employee Engagement

Increase employee well-being and productivity.
Assess daily workplace behaviors and design sophisticated employee performance plans to increase employee well-being and productivity.

Healthcare Experience

Improve health outcomes and access to care.
Identify a person’s everyday barriers to improved health outcomes. Customize healthcare delivery models that better align with how people live their lives. Get real-time data to avoid recall bias and improve overall health outcomes.

Consumer Research

Develop an authentic relationship with your consumers.
Collect data in the natural environment of your target consumer to get insight into how different motivations impact purchase intention. Focus on user experience to design products that fit naturally in to the daily lives of consumers.
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