ExpiWell ESM App for Research

Power the research that improves the human experience 

ExpiWell’s cutting-edge mobile app technology supports research across disciplines using experience sampling methodology.

Student research

Decrease student stress and improve academic persistence
Gain a real-time understanding of the student experience

Tap into fluctuating mood data to
identify key opportunities in student life

Intervene at the right time to
support students’ social, emotional, and academic needs
Learn more about how ExpiWell supports student research

Well-being research

Advance the well-being of individuals, organizations, and communities
Examine the relationship between everyday life and subjective well-being 

Understand when and how things happen related to a person’s subjective well-being

Measure the impact of interventions meant to improve well-being

Clinical research

Assess and test new interventions that promote greater health
Evaluate ecologically valid interventions 

Find out if new treatments are safe

Test how new behavioral interventions can improve lives

Workplace research

Gain real-world insights into work and the workplace
Build a scientific understanding of workplace issues, such as:

How to
reduce daily work-related stress

How to
increase workplace productivity and performance

How to
create a diverse and inclusive workplace
Discover how ExpiWell delivered insights on hospitality employee well-being

Aging & longevity research

Gain real-world insights into work and the workplace
Meet the growing healthcare needs of aging communities

Validate real-world interventions for age-onset disorders

Improve the quality of life that comes with age
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