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Real-time Insights with Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment.

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Why Researchers Love ExpiWell?

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Unmatched Participant Experience

Free iOS & Android apps for anonymous experience capture. Notifications, reminders, feedback enhance compliance. Adaptive schedules for global users.

Privacy, Security, and Accessibility

ExpiWell combines the best facets of ESM and community-based research to help you understand and foster connection, social support, and engagement within your participant community.
Real Time

Real-time Project Control

No-code setup. Track responses, send notifications, and payments. Easy data download. Simple, intuitive experience.


Affordable subscription. Unlimited participants, notifications. Democratizes ESM and EMA. Run numerous pilots without restrictions
Customer Call

Customer Care and Experience

Experienced team to walk you through IRB, project design, setup, and success.

Mobile Sensing

A wrist with a wearable device

Integrations with Wearables

Fitbit integrations, BACtrack alcohol monitoring, and more!
a smart watch with location capture and sensing

Location capture and sensing

Location information to enhance understanding
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Leverage smartphone sensors

Coming soon: innovating smartphone sensor data collection

Three simple steps to collect experiences

With ExpiWell, you can make experience sampling (ESM) and ecological momentary assessments (EMA) a breeze. As researchers, we care about democratizing the method for everyone. Our philosophy is to deliver the best-in-class ESM and EMA technology while keeping it affordable. That way, you can focus on gaining key insights while saving time and energy - and even money!

A woman working on a project with laptop, notebook and other materials



  • Create your surveys and select sensor data to collect
  • Schedule your surveys and notifications
  • Launch your project



  • Participants download free iOS and Android ExpiWell and start project
  • Surveys and sensor data are adapted to participant time zones and time zone changes



  • Track response rates in real time
  • Send additional reminders and/or anonymized payments
  • Video and voice data automatically transcribed via AWS
  • Complete project and download data


powefull Platform

Powerful Platform

All in one solution to survey, schedule, notify, and pay participants!
Multiple study

Multiple Study and Survey Options

Screen participants, generate real-time feedback, and enable participants to track their response rates.
Survey Scheduling

Easy Survey Scheduling

Apart from calendar scheduling, our most popular rolling schedule adapts to each participant as they join the project in their time zones.
Multiple Ques

Multiple Question Types

Collect experiences through multiple choice surveys, text, audio, photos, and videos.
Convenient Project

Convenient Project Distribution

Distribute and collect data anonymously. Or invite known participants to join your projects.
Responive Data

Response Data

Responses are viewable and downloadable in real-time

Journal Publications

  • Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
  • Emotion
  • Journal of Abnormal Psychology
  • Psychiatry Research
  • Frontiers in Psychiatry
  • Journal of Research in Personality
  • Tourism Management
  • Personality and Individual Differences

GDPR compliant and used by multiple institutions in the UK and EU

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arrrow Green

Third-party verified HIPAA compliance for clinical and medical research

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Clients ♥️ ExpiWell

Client Testimonials: ExpiWell in Their Own Words
A picture of Dorian Boncoeur
ExpiWell has been my platform of choice to conduct my experience sampling studies. Designing, planning, piloting studies as well as accessing the data is easy and streamlined. Moreover, the CEO and his team are always looking for ways to improve the platform; it is the gift that keeps on giving!
Dorian Boncoeur – Assistant Professor at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame
Collecting multiple surveys from a small number of individuals is challenging. I chose to use ExpiWell because it makes this process easier by managing a timeline, automatically prompting participants to take surveys at predetermined times. ExpiWell is also ideal for confidentiality concerns, allowing researchers to communicate with participants through the platform without violating anonymity.
Shannon Marlow – Assistant Professor of Management, UTSA
Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) is a forward-looking methodology in psychological research. ExpiWell offers a versatile software tool for conducting studies with this methodology. Starting an EMA study in ExpiWell is incredibly easy.
Markus Canazei – MSc. MSc. MSc. (Psychotherapy) PhD, University of Innsbruck
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2.9 million

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