Discovering the individual experience to improve the human experience.

ExpiWell is an experience sampling app and data platform that brings together science, people, and technology to advance knowledge, the greater good, and the human experience.

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Rooted in the science of experiences

Designed by leading scientists, ExpiWell is powered by the latest in Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) - the science of studying what people do, feel, and think in their day-to-day lives.

Powered by real-world,
real-time data

Access one of the most impactful contributions to science - real-world, real-time data. Collect data dynamically, both in the moment and over time with the help of ExpiWell’s mobile app.

Focused on the human experience

Science propels us forward. Our platform is designed to do the same. ExpiWell helps everyone learn more, facilitate connections, and improve the human experience.

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