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ExpiWell’s unmatched data collection platform is different because it addresses the challenges of traditional survey methods — combining real-time data, participant engagement and the Experience Sampling Method “ESM.”

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Our platform is built on two critical pillars:

1. Understand experiences, not just data points.

Observe the whole experience of your participants with real-time data collection.

2. Engage & respond in real-time for true value exchange.

Facilitate communication between researchers and participants for increased engagement.

Optimize with feedback

With ExpiWell’s ESM tools, research is no longer a static, one-way street. Instead, our real-time-time tools make it easy to reward participants, create community, and respond in real-time.

based research

ExpiWell combines the best facets of ESM and community-based research to help you understand and foster connection, social support, and engagement within your participant community.

Real-time insights for organizations

By collecting deeper, more accurate insights in real time, you can provide solutions at the right moment to influence change within your organization or community as quickly as possible, moving your organization forward.

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"Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) is a forward-looking methodology in psychological research. ExpiWell offers a versatile software tool for conducting studies with this methodology. Starting an EMA study in ExpiWell is incredibly easy."

Markus Canazei – MSc. MSc. MSc. (Psychotherapy) PhD, University of Innsbruck

See what our clients are saying about ExpiWell

"Collecting multiple surveys from a small number of individuals is challenging. I chose to use ExpiWell because it makes this process easier by managing a timeline, automatically prompting participants to take surveys at predetermined times. ExpiWell is also ideal for confidentiality concerns, allowing researchers to communicate with participants through the platform without violating anonymity."

Shannon Marlow – Assistant Professor of Management, UTSA

See what our clients are saying about ExpiWell

"ExpiWell has been my platform of choice to conduct my experience sampling studies.
Designing, planning, piloting studies as well as accessing the data is easy and streamlined. Moreover, the CEO and his team are always looking for ways to improve the platform; it is the
gift that keeps on giving!”

Dorian Boncoeur – PhD student, University of Texas Dallas
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