Release notes: Newly enhanced features (to help improve the work you do)

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At Expiwell, we continuously improve things based on your feedback to make it better for you and make your job easier. For example, to solve several challenges — we have introduced a new set of features (to keep your team’s work process flowing even better), so you can focus on the work that matters most. 

What’s New? More time savings, less time waiting

These updates will further enhance many of the capabilities requested by our users, from live editing to Mandarin Chinese Translation and more. These improved features are genuinely designed to help the work you do!

Take a look at the sections below to learn more about what’s new and added to the improved user experience. 

Priority Updates: Event Triggering, Live Editing, and Display Logic

As a part of this new feature rollout, we have two new updates that were a high priority to release: 

  • Live Editing: Researchers can now make changes to their schedule and have participants re-add the project to see those changes while keeping their progress.

  • Display Logic: Researchers can now set conditions for when a question is displayed to a participant based on a response to a previous question.

All Updates: Piping, Loop & Merge, Web media recording, Visualization Updates, and Mandarin Translations

In addition to the priority updates, we have also enhanced the experience with five additional features that were needed in the process: 

  • Piping: Researchers can now display the response selected to participants in a follow-up question.
  • Loop & Merge: Researchers can decide to loop over a list of questions based on the participant’s response.
  • Web media recording: Web surveys will support recording audio, video, or pictures directly instead of only uploading media files.
  • Visualization Updates: Researchers can now organize their dashboard (drag and drop), select and view multiple variables at once, and view the breakdown of the selected variable.
  • Mandarin Chinese Translations
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