2023 Summer Switch Sale for ESM and EMA - Receive 3 months FREE

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The Spring 2023 semester is over. Finally, you can focus on your research and get to your experience sampling method (ESM) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) design and data collection.

ExpiWell is having our Summer Switch Sale. Our HIPAA-compliant and Web Accessible platform now has over 4,000 researchers from universities around the world.

We are continually adding more features each month and enjoy serving researchers to do cutting-edge research. We are also receiving great reviews from customers.

If you are an academic, happen to be using another ESM or EMA platform, and want to switch to ExpiWell this summer (i.e., May - July 2023), you will receive 3 months PLUS License FREE from ExpiWell.

This will help you get acclimated to using ExpiWell, which is actually amazingly easy to use.

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To better data collection,

The ExpiWell Team

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