ExpiWell Sheds Light on Adolescents' Social Media Dynamics and Peer Influence

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In the insightful study by Armstrong-Carter et al. (2023), published in Developmental Psychology, researchers delve into the nuanced moment-to-moment interactions between adolescents' social media use and their social experiences and motivations, with a focus on individual differences shaped by peer susceptibility. This summary reveals how ExpiWell was instrumental in facilitating their cutting-edge research.

Understanding the Adolescent Social Media Experience

The study explores the complex tapestry of adolescents' online interactions and the immediate effects of these engagements on their social experiences. It's an innovative attempt to quantify the influence of peer dynamics on social media usage patterns among the youth.

Individual Variations and Peer Susceptibility:

A key finding of the research is the varying degrees of peer susceptibility among adolescents, which significantly influences their social media experiences. The study examines how these individual differences impact the motivations behind social media use and the consequent social experiences.

ExpiWell: Enabling In-Depth Data Collection

At the heart of this research was ExpiWell's robust platform, which allowed for a nuanced and real-time collection of data. Its momentary assessment tools provided the researchers with the means to collect immediate, in-situ responses from participants, offering an authentic glimpse into the social dynamics at play.

Key Features of ExpiWell That Enhanced Research:
  1. Real-Time Data Capture: ExpiWell enabled the capture of spontaneous social media interactions and immediate social experiences, vital for the study's objectives.
  2. Customizable Surveys: The platform's tailored surveys allowed for the specific examination of peer influence factors unique to each participant.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Adolescents could easily navigate the ExpiWell app, ensuring high-quality data collection with minimal disruptions to natural behavior.
Implications of the Study:

Armstrong-Carter and colleagues' research, with the aid of ExpiWell, underscores the importance of considering individual personality traits when analyzing the psychosocial impact of social media on adolescents. It opens the door for more personalized approaches to understanding and guiding healthy social media use among young people.


By leveraging the capabilities of ExpiWell, the researchers were able to gain unprecedented insights into the momentary links between social media use and adolescents' social experiences. This study not only advances our understanding of the digital landscape's impact on youth development but also sets a new standard for future research in developmental psychology.

Navigating Adolescent Social Media Use with ExpiWell:

Discover more about how ExpiWell is driving research into the intricate world of adolescents' social media use and peer interactions. Dive into the full study by Armstrong-Carter et al. (2023) to learn about the critical role of individual differences in peer susceptibility.

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