Revolutionizing Patient-Provider Communication with HIPAA-Compliant Data Collection

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Revolutionizing Patient-Provider Communication with HIPAA-Compliant Data Collection

Healthcare providers have access to an increasing number of tools that can help track patient health-related data. As a HIPAA-compliant platform, Expiwell can serve patient needs by providing a tool for communication and data capture. 

Collect Feedback on Patient Care Experience

Expiwell’s ESM features allow healthcare providers to administer surveys and momentary assessments to patients at any time and access responses in real-time. By distributing incentives upon survey completion, you can incentivize feedback collection. Healthcare practitioners can use these insights to tailor and improve their practices and the overall patient experience.

Monitor Symptoms and Fluctuations with Real-Time Data Collection

One of the greatest challenges in providing optimal healthcare is tracking changes in a patient's symptoms and health status. Our platform tackles this problem by offering a convenient solution for continuous symptom monitoring and real-time data capture. By assessing trends and fluctuations in a patient's symptoms, healthcare providers are better equipped to offer timely interventions and improve patient outcomes.

Record Medication Adherence and its Effects

Understanding medication adherence is crucial in identifying ways to improve patient care. Our platform makes it possible to document medication adherence and provide insights into patients' progress. This information can help healthcare practitioners recognize patterns and understand the efficacy of a treatment plan, leading to more informed decision-making.

Advance Data Outcome for Efficient Patient Care

With the increasing demand for effective healthcare, finding ways of streamlining the patient care process is vital. One way to achieve that is by collecting relevant information in advance. Our platform empowers healthcare providers to access patient data before their appointments, paving the way for more efficient and focused consultations, ultimately leading to better overall care.

By offering a comprehensive and seamless data collection and management platform, healthcare providers can ensure that they are staying ahead of the curve. Our platform enables secure HIPAA-compliant communication, improved patient feedback, and efficient patient care experiences – all contributing to a better healthcare system. Embrace the future of healthcare and medicine by incorporating this essential tool into your practice today.

Read more about Expiwell in healthcare and medicine:

Protocol for a remote home-based upper extremity self-training program for community-dwelling individuals after stroke

  • A joint study among researchers at NYU Occupational Therapy Department and clinicians at NYU Rusk Rehabilitation is utilizing Expiwell as an EMA platform to monitor adherence to a home-based self-directed training program for community-dwelling individuals after a stroke.

Examining new-generation transdermal alcohol biosensor performance across laboratory and field contexts

  • Researchers examining transdermal alcohol sensors completed randomized follow-up assessments via Expiwell 13 times a day via Expiwell. Their conclusions shine a light on the future of passive objective sensors and alcohol consumption assessment. 


1. Kim, G. J., Gahlot, A, Camille, M. (2023, June). Protocol for a remote home-based upper extremity self-training program for community-dwelling individuals after stroke. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 33, 101112.

2. Ariss, T., Fairbairn, C. E., & Bosch, N. (2023). Examining new‐generation transdermal alcohol biosensor performance across laboratory and field contexts. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 47(1), 50-59.

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