ExpiWell ESM Curriculum Program

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We are excited to share with you a new partnership program we’ve established for faculty who teach research methods courses. 

We are providing a free, comprehensive Experience Sampling Method (ESM) curriculum for universities, schools, and faculty

As ESM continues to rise in prominence as an effective, sophisticated methodology, it is important that students are being introduced to these methods early on in their academic careers. There has been roughly a five-to-six fold increase in the numbers of academic sources using ESM every decade.

Ultimately, our aim is to democratize the most cutting edge research methodologies and technologies. We aim to provide the best training, access, and support to researchers at any stage in their career.

The curriculum and partnership program includes:

  • Lecture slides designed by leading methodologists and researchers
  • Free 3-month subscription of ExpiWell’s premium plan
  • Onboarding and project set-up with a product specialist 
  • Free premade, template of an ESM study 

The goal for this program is to provide an "off-the-shelf" solution for teaching and building the next generation of researchers. The curriculum is designed to highlight the fundamentals of the ESM while getting the opportunity to implement the leading technology in experience sampling research.

For more information on the ESM Curriculum program, contact us here.

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