Simplifying Clinical Research with ExpiWell

Ji Chung
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Discover a Seamless Data Collection and Management Solution for All Your Data Collection Needs

Clinical research demands an innovative and efficient approach to data collection and management. As an organization founded by academics, Expiwell understands the importance of having a powerful and accessible tool that addresses the challenges associated with data collection, privacy, and analysis. ExpiWell is a multifunctional experience sampling method platform for researchers seeking to:

  • Collect and store multimedia data for real-time analysis
  • Conduct momentary assessments to track changes and trends over time
  • Store and manage data for use in publications and grant proposals
  • Minimize mundane administrative tasks
  • Streamline onboarding and data collection for individuals of all age groups
  • Securely manage an unlimited number of projects
  • Use a mobile experience sampling method app to make data collection quicker and more accessible

In this blog post, we'll explore how ExpiWell can improve your research result experience and effectively respond to your unique needs.

Automating Incentives and Simplifying Survey Participation

One of the most time-consuming aspects of conducting research can be distributing incentives for survey completion. ExpiWell eliminates this hassle by automating this process, saving you and your research assistants valuable time. In addition, the platform's accessible interface encourages participation from individuals of all age groups, resulting in more robust and reliable data sets.

Minimize Repetitive Tasks and Maximize Efficiency

ExpiWell's data collection and management solution takes care of the administrative tasks that can consume your valuable time. With an intuitive interface and robust back-end support, ExpiWell ensures a smooth flow of processes, effectively cutting down the time you spend on repetitive tasks. You can schedule survey distribution and reminders to repeat for a custom time interval. Expiwell will automatically notify and remind participants to respond. Our support team is available to quickly and effectively address any questions you have. 

Read more about Expiwell in clinical research:

A systematic review of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) studies of five public health-related behaviors: review protocol

  • Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) involves repeated, real-time assessments of phenomena (e.g., cognitions, emotions, behaviors) over a period of time in naturalistic settings. EMA is increasingly used to study both within-person and between-person processes. Researchers reviewed EMA studies investigating key health behaviors. The review focuses on EMA studies conducted across five public health behaviors in adult, non-clinical populations: movement behavior (including physical activity and sedentary behavior), dietary behavior, alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, and preventive sexual health behaviors. 

Protocol for a remote home-based upper extremity self-training program for community-dwelling individuals after stroke

  • This paper describes the study protocol for a remote home-based UE self-training program for stroke survivors. Researchers employed motivational interviewing (MI) and ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) to maximize engagement in a 4-week personalized UE self-training program. 


1. Kwasnicka, D., Kale, D., Schneider, V., Keller, J., Asare, B. Y. A., Powell, D., ... & Perski, O. (2021). Systematic review of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) studies of five public health-related behaviours: review protocol. BMJ open, 11(7), e046435.

2.Kim, G. J., Gahlot, A, Camille, M. (2023, June). Protocol for a remote home-based upper extremity self-training program for community-dwelling individuals after stroke. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 33, 101112.

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