Expiwell's Recent Impact on Wellness and ESM

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Our team has been hard at work building the best ecological momentary assessment platform that we can, but this group of researchers have been working harder! Over the past few years there have been leaps forward in wellness research and it is thanks to researchers like these who embrace advancements in technology to make their data collection possible.

We are proud to showcase these outstanding individuals who are pursuing experience sampling methodology, ecological momentary assessment, and more.

Inside the happy personality: Personality states, situation experience, and state affect mediate the relation between personality and affect

Sarah Kritzler's new paper analyzes the relationship between personality traits and trait affect. Her team wishes to break down the Big five personality traits and their affect on both situations and behaviors.

Online vigilance and goal conflict stress smartphone users out: An in-situ approach to digital stress

Alica Gilbert's thesis dives into technology in our everyday life and the effect it has on our perceived stress levels. She measures participant online awareness and engagement to analyze an individual's online vigilance.

Augmented Reality Data Analysis for Human Needs: Subsistence, Protection, and Leisure

Manal A. Yahya Takes a look into Augmented Reality (AR) and the lack of personalized experiences  offered by the technology. By reimagining AR, he hopes to be able to identify fundamental human needs using sensory detection.

Effects of of Vaping on Positive Affect, Negative Affect, and Stress:A Pilot Study of a College Sample

Jene Mele analyzes the effect of vaping and e-cigarettes on young adults. The paper compares positive and negative affect based on vape use. This comparison may have insight on increasing numbers of young adults that have started vaping.

Nudging flow through ‘SMART’ goal setting to decrease stress, increase engagement, and increase performance at work

Jared Weintraub takes EMA to the workplace by researching flow and its effect on achieving goals. the study uses nudges, or interventions, to try to influence employee flow and overall goal achievement. This study hopes to find the relationship between goal setting, and flow.

These publications are only a snapshot of what Expiwell is capable of. If you are interested in finding out more about our platform, contact us here.

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