Our flexible pricing plans are designed to give you all the features you need for success without any hidden costs.
Unlimited Participants

Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Mobile & Web Surveys

Unlimited Responses

Dedicated iOS & Android apps

Send Static Surveys

8 Prompt Types

Surveys with Randomization, Grouping, & Skip Logic

ControlSurvey Experience

Preview Mobile & Web Surveys

Rich Text Capability

Track Participant Progress (Overall Response Rate, Survey Response Rate)

Export Data (CSV, TSV, XML)

Link Participants Across Projects

Allow Participants to View Past Experiences
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$1,295 / YR
All Basic Features +
Calendar Based Scheduling for Mobile & Web Surveys

Rolling Based Scheduling for Mobile & Web Surveys

Static Surveys with Calendar or Rolling Scheduling

Unlimited Notifications and Reminders (Push or Email)

Randomize Notifications for Scheduled Surveys

Static Surveys with Calendar or Rolling Scheduling

Create Survey Archives for Participants

Create Survey Charts for Participants

Record Media Responses (up to 15 GB)

Send Static Surveys

Embed Media in Questions

Import Participants
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$2,295 / YR
All Plus Features +
Offline Projects

Location Gathering

Personal Branding

Allow Participants to Personalize Schedule

Allow Participants to Retake Experiences

Schedule Email Projects (Static, Rolling, Calendar)

Create and Reuse Pre-set Schedule Templates

Participant Messaging
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