Setting Up a Real-Time Data Collection Study Using ESM

Margaret Becker
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We are excited to share with you a series of resources developed by the ExpiWell team as an introduction to Experience Sampling Method (ESM) best practices and techniques. Though the term ESM is used throughout as an umbrella term, the ideas and tips we share throughout this series apply to all intensive longitudinal methods, such as ecological momentary assessment, daily diary studies, and ambulatory assessment.

In part one of this series, we layout the best practices for setting up a successful ESM study. This slidedeck will walk you through the two-step process of ESM study set up:

Step One - Decide whether ESM is what you need.

Step Two - Set study parameters.

It will also provide insight into protocal types, sampling periods, and best practices for survey length and distribution.

ExpiWell offers the real-time data collection tools you need to set up your ESM study. Sign up for a free account to learn more today.

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