Setting Up a Real-Time Data Collection Study Using ESM

Margaret Becker
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The ExpiWell team is thrilled to unveil a compendium of resources tailored to the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) and other related intensive longitudinal methods. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or new to the field, our series promises to enhance your understanding and execution of these powerful techniques.

Part One: Laying the Foundation for Your ESM Study

Our inaugural segment demystifies the initial stages of embarking on an ESM study. We provide a detailed, user-friendly slidedeck that guides you through the crucial decisions and configurations that shape the backbone of successful research.

Deciding on ESM: Is It Right for Your Study?

  • Step One: Assess the compatibility of ESM with your research objectives. This evaluation is critical in ensuring that the method aligns with your data collection needs and the nuances of your study's domain.

Setting Your Study Parameters

  • Step Two: Establish clear and precise study parameters. This encompasses protocol types, determining appropriate sampling periods, and devising survey lengths and distribution tactics.

Best Practices in ESM: Ensuring High-Quality Data Collection

Our guide doesn't just stop at setup; we delve into strategies to maximize response rates and data quality. From the timing of prompts to participant engagement, each element is designed to enhance the efficacy of your ESM study.

Bridging the Gap: ESM and Other Intensive Longitudinal Methods

Though we focus on ESM, our series is a treasure trove for anyone utilizing ecological momentary assessment, daily diary studies, or ambulatory assessment. The principles and practices we discuss are applicable across the spectrum of intensive longitudinal research methods.

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