Analyzing Data for a Real-Time Data Collection ESM Study

Margaret Becker
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Dive into the concluding installment of our ESM Workshop Series, where we provide an in-depth look at dissecting and understanding the results from your Experience Sampling Method (ESM) studies. This guide is your roadmap to mastering the analysis of real-time data, ensuring that every nugget of information is used to its full potential.

Detailed Breakdown of ESM Analytical Techniques

Part One: Decoding Activities and Experiences

  • Descriptive statistical methods to analyze and interpret data related to participants' activities and experiences in real-time.

Part Two: Understanding Trajectories

  • Explore how to track and make sense of the progression and patterns within your ESM data over time. Learn about resources looking at time series modeling for ESM.

Part Three: Unpacking Dynamics

  • Techniques to delve into the fluctuations and changes in your data, revealing the dynamics of the subjects' experiences. Find out more about multivariate time series analysis and other techniques.

Part Four: Implementing Multilevel Analysis

  • Strategies for managing and interpreting data that spans multiple levels of research, from individual responses to group dynamics. Because ESM data is inherently multilevel, one should be familiar with the basics of multilevel analysis and learn how to analyze not only between-person data but also within-person data.

Part Five: Advanced ESM Techniques

  • An overview of specialized analytical methods that can enhance the depth and breadth of your ESM research.

Part Six: Essential Reading with Key Papers

  • A curated selection of key papers that provide further understanding and context to the advanced topics discussed, serving as a resource for continued learning and exploration.

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