How to Implement a Real-Time Data Collection ESM Study

Margaret Becker
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Welcome to the second installment of the ExpiWell ESM Workshop Series, where we dive into the practical aspects of implementing your Experience Sampling Method (ESM) study. This comprehensive walkthrough is designed to streamline the process from a pilot study to a full-scale research project.

Step-by-Step Implementation of Your ESM Study

Step One: Launching a Pilot Study

  • Begin by testing your ESM study on a smaller scale to iron out any potential issues and make necessary adjustments.

Step Two: Evaluating Participant Experience

  • Focus on gathering feedback from participants to refine the study design and ensure the data collection is seamless.

Step Three: Developing Participant Materials

  • Create informative and engaging handouts that will aid participants in understanding their role and the study's goals.

Step Four: Executing a Full-Scale Study

  • Transition from pilot to a comprehensive study, applying insights from the initial phase to achieve robust data collection.

Enhancing Your ESM Study with Expert Tips

Our series doesn't just outline steps; it's packed with actionable advice to boost the effectiveness of your research:

  • Participant Engagement: Strategies for recruiting, motivating, and retaining participants to maintain high compliance rates.
  • Onboarding Materials: Insights on crafting the perfect participant handouts for better onboarding.
  • Response Rate Monitoring: Techniques for monitoring response rates and interventions to employ if participation wanes.

To learn more, you can also check out our FREE expert-led webinar.

ExpiWell offers the real-time data collection tools you need to set up your ESM study. Sign up for a free account to learn more today!

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