Managing Data for a Real-Time Data Collection ESM Study

Margaret Becker
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Welcome to Part Three of ExpiWell's ESM Workshop Series, where we unlock the secrets of managing the rich data sets you've gathered from your Experience Sampling Method (ESM) studies. This essential guide will navigate you through the intricacies of data handling, ensuring that the insights you glean are as accurate and impactful as the real-time experiences they reflect.

Essential Steps in ESM Data Management

Cleaning Your Data

  • Learn the process of refining your data set, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all variables.

Understanding Missing Data

  • Delve into the types of missing data and the implications for your research outcomes.

Proactive Strategies Against Missing Data

  • Implement preemptive measures to minimize gaps before they occur.

Resolving Issues with Problematic Data

  • Gain strategies for identifying and addressing data anomalies that could skew your results.

Advanced Tips and Resources for ESM Data Management

Our guide doesn't stop at the basics. It provides:

  • In-Depth Tutorials: Detailed instructions on each aspect of ESM data management.
  • Resource Recommendations: A curated list of additional literature and tools for further learning.
  • Real-World Examples: Case studies showcasing successful data management in action.

To learn more, you can also check out our FREE expert-led webinar.

ExpiWell offers the real-time data collection tools you need to set up your ESM study. Sign up for a free account to learn more today!

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