ExpiWell Has a New Website—Here’s Where to Find Us

Margaret Becker
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2020 has been a year of momentous changes for ExpiWell as we evolve as a company and product, with the goal of providing the most innovative and effective data collection tool to uncover the human experience. (Want to learn more about how ExpiWell supports data collection efforts? Learn more here.)

As summer draws to a close and fall approaches, we have several exciting updates to share. We’ll highlight these changes—particularly our new website and how you can benefit—in this blog.


New web address

For those of you who are familiar with ExpiWell, you’ll know that in the past our company website and our app itself have both lived at the same address: The biggest change for you to know is that we’re breaking these two components into separate web addresses, to provide you an even more powerful platform and enhanced website experience. 

You can now find what you need as follows (so update your bookmark if needed!):

Company website: 

ExpiWell platform for clients: 

3 reasons to visit our new company website

Although we at ExpiWell are understandably excited about our brand-new company website, you may be  wondering why it matters for you. Here are 3 reasons to visit our new website today:

  1. Learn valuable insights from experts in the research community, including our founder Dr. Louis Tay, via our growing blog.
  2. Explore resources of others who have used ExpiWell successfully by checking out our case studies, also available on our blog.
  3. Discover the benefits of using ExpiWell to assist with your research studies to see why our community data platform is truly unique.


How we got here

As many know, in January 2020 we changed our name to ExpiWell to reflect our focus on bringing together science, people, and technology to advance knowledge, the greater good, and the human experience.  The new company website is the culmination of that rebrand effort. Plus, we took the opportunity to redesign the site to make it easier to access important resources and see how our community data platform can help you get better insight into people’s everyday lives using real-time data collection.


We have not changed the great service we provide our customers everyday. We will continue to be here to help educate on the best methods for understanding the human experience and to be a valuable resource to the research community, whether that’s a simple conversation about new best practices or providing our expert opinion on different study approaches.


As we continue to lead in innovation, our product will evolve so that you will always be at the cutting edge of research and insights. Just like with this branding change, we will be keeping everyone posted on new product developments and updates!


What’s next for ExpiWell

As our customers’ needs have evolved, so has our product and our business. We are researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs—and everything we do is human-centered.


We’re thrilled to release multiple new product updates in the coming months, all designed to make our product the most robust and innovative data collection platform of both today and tomorrow. Some of those updates will include:

  • The ability to easily pay research participants through the platform
  • A new managed services offering for those who would like additional expert guidance or even fully outsourced research services
  • A powerful new capability to enable shared experiences among participants and provide additional options for data collection

We will be announcing these various product updates in the coming months. If you want to be the first to hear about the latest ExpiWell news, contact us at and ask to get added to our email list!

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