How to Effectively Apply Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM)

Dr. Louis Tay

Fields across academia, employee engagement, customer experience, product innovation, healthcare, and beyond are all trending toward understanding the everyday experiences of people. Literature on capturing experience data, or Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM), has grown exponentially over the past years. The volume of information out there today can be overwhelming! There are key questions that should be considered when considering experience sampling research:

  • What are the practical issues and considerations when conducting an ESM or EMA study?
  • What are some of the trends in ESM and EMA?
  • How should one analyze ESM and EMA data?
  • How can platforms, such as ExpiWell, be used to implement an ESM or EMA study?
  • What is the history of Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) or Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA)?

In this video webinar, I provide answers to all these key questions and more. The goal is to show how to effectively apply ESM and EMA and generate more meaningful insights!

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