The Biggest Update to ExpiWell Yet

The ExpiWell Team
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First and foremost, to our current customers, thank you for your continued support! The past year has certainly been an interesting mix of challenges and successes. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Thank you! To our future customers, we’re thrilled for the opportunity to work together and build the next generation of research.

We’re excited to share our new, game-changing product updates that will be released and available on Wednesday, March 10th!

So what’s this all about? Imagine if your research platform could help you not only better understand your audience with real-time data but also help you engage with your audience in real time.

With ExpiWell’s new community-based features, researchers and participants can easily respond and communicate within the platform, increasing participant engagement, enabling real-time solutions, and providing deeper context for researchers. The end result: better data. Alongside new user interface and design elements built to improve the survey-taking and project building experience, we’ve laid out our new updates here.

Advanced dashboard visualizations 

View and customize data visualizations in real-time! Turn your real-time data into real-time intelligence. ExpiWell’s new data visualization dashboards allow you to choose and customize how you want to visualize self-report data as it is captured in real-time. You can visualize responses at the aggregate level and also filter down to the individual level.

Reach out to schedule a time to speak with one of our product specialists!

Community feed

Create and engage with your participant community using the new feed feature. The feed shows you the latest thoughts, opinions, and information from your participant community in a more open forum-style format. The feed can be an important communication tool for peer-to-peer networks. For instance, if you’re studying the day-to-day experiences of caregivers, the feed can serve as a support system where caregivers can share their experience, best practices, and offer support! There are plenty of other use cases [BLOG] where real-time data capture and real-time engagement are needed.

Explore the community feed in more detail!

Click here to get started with a free trial.

Two-way messenger

Continue to build your participant community and start real-time group chats with participants (and with collaborators, too!). Send instant messages, start group chats, and have one-on-one conversations. Communicate directly with participants via the mobile app!

User roles

Choose from up to five different user roles for your team, research lab members, and collaborators. 

  • Owner: This role has the fullest control of the community and experience sampling data collection. They are able edit the data collection and act as an administrator / moderator on the engagement side of the platform.
  • Moderator: This role controls the engagement side of the platform - i.e., the feed, two-way messenger, resources portal - and communicates with others as an admin and edit content.
  • Analyst: This role can participate in engagement by posting the feed, messenger, and editing resources - but not as an administrator. They can also edit the visualizations  and download collected data.
  • Collaborator: This role can view the collected experience sampling data and engage with the community by posting on the feed and using the messenger - not as an admin.
  • Viewer: This role can simply view what’s going on with collected data and within engagement. 

Click here to get started with a free trial.

Optimized survey-taking experience

We’ve designed the mobile survey taking experience for improved user experience and increased engagement. Our color and design elements create a survey taking experience that is exciting and less like a chore! We’ve also included a survey card prior to entering a particular survey that helps a participant see how they’re doing overall and keeps them motivated to stay engaged!

To help keep your participants up to date on these exciting new changes, we have created handouts for both current and future users.

Explore the new survey-taking experience in more detail!

ExpiWell isn’t just an experience sampling app. It’s not just a survey platform. It’s not just a communication tool. ExpiWell is your hub for capturing, engaging, and acting on people’s everyday experiences. Life doesn’t happen in static moments. The future of data collection captures the human experience in all of its messiness and in all of the moments that matter over and across time.

If you want a deeper dive into the new look and feel, send us a note and we’ll set up a product demo!

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to a great year!

ExpiWell Team

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